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The global model GAME

The global model GAME

The Geophysical Fluids Modeling Framework (GAME) is a global hexagonal C-grid non-hydrostatic dynamical core. The aim is to combine the best aspects of ICON and MPAS.

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A very brief scientific overview of the model can be foundA more extensive theoretical derivation can be found in this German textbook.

Sample plots

Ullrich test

The Ullrich test is a standard test case for the adiabatic part of dynamical cores of global atmospheric models.
Ullrich test surface pressure after eight days
Ullrich test 850 hPa temperature after eight days
Ullrich test 850 hPa relative vorticity after eight days
Results for the Ullrich test after eight days with an effective resolution of approx. 112 km. This agrees well to the results of other dynamical cores.

Held-Suarez test

The Held-Suarez testexamines a dynamical core's climatology under a very simple radiative forcing, which depends only on absolute latitude and height. The test is usually run for 1200 days, with the first 200 days being used as a spin-up period.
zonal mean of zonal wind of the Held-Saurez test
Zonal mean of zonal wind during the last 1000 days of the model run with an approx. effective resolution of 112 km.